Breach ours.
Save theirs.


Training Doors & Entryways
Crafted for First Responders by the Brotherhood

Forcible Entry Equipment, Inc. was founded in 2011 in El Dorado, CA with the goal of creating the most realistic, durable, all-encompassing product line for training forcible entry. Our initial designs and prototypes were developed with the help and feedback of fellow firefighters and law enforcement personnel throughout Northern California. With each iteration, Founder and Creator, Chuck Ferry (Capt., Palo Alto Fire Department), ensured the product line was not only what we all wanted but what we needed to be successful in our respective fields. After almost a decade, designing and testing never stops just as training new techniques and honing our mastery never will either. Be Safe. And never stop training for the next evolution.

Breach Ours.
Save Theirs.


Shock. Gap. Set. Force.



After one day of training with Chuck I learned more about manual breaching and use of the Halligan than I’ve learned in the multiple SWAT and breaching courses I’ve been to. I’d recommend any SWAT team member or police officer who has to perform tactical entries to attend Forcible Entry, Inc.’s courses.
— Dean, Richmond SWAT Team officer