Roll-Up Door Prop (RUD)


Description & Usage:

The Roll-Up Door Prop (RUD) is designed to provide stand-alone, load-bearing system to engage a commercial roll-up door. Easily moved and reset multiple times, it’s purpose is to provide a repetitive use location when training forcible entry methods on roll-up doors.


  • Completely portable

  • 1-hour setup time or less

  • Completely Stand Alone

  • Will handle all widths of roll-up door up to 14’

  • Decreases risk of injury training personnel by eliminating the need to lift door into place

  • Mounting is simple: lag screw, nail, or bolt your preexisting roll-up door to the RUD, crank it up into place, and it’s ready to go

  • Quick Reset: A single crank system allows for a single person to reload

  • The Mounting Bed lowers to ground level for easy reloading of the RUD

Resetting for Multi-Use Training:

Lag screws, nails, or bolts required for affixing your roll-up door to the RUD-P. Mounting bed lowers to ground level to allow a single crank system to be lowered or raised by a single person for reload.