Commercial Cutting Door

Description & Usage:

The Commercial Cutting Door is a stand alone or mounted system specifically designed for teaching proper saw use when the increased durability of a door’s materials and structure eliminate the option for use of irons.



  • Simulates an outward opening commercial door with lock, dead bolt, and security cover

  • Can be mounted to any of our Catalyst Force Entry Doors or function as a stand alone prop at whichever height desired

  • Heavy Duty design with replaceable edge

  • Quick rebar or sheet metal reset for repetitive training and technical practice

  • Latch and deadbolt simulated by 1/2” - 5/8 ” diameter rebar

  • Typical plate covers found on commercial door assemblies simulated by 14g plate steel

Materials for Resetting:

  • Rebar (½” and ¾” diameter)

  • 12” x 24” plate of 14g sheet metal (good for 20 evolutions) act as the replica lock and deadbolt.

  • Can be Found: Lowes, Home Depot, other hardware stores. Can also be ordered through us in bulk.