Window Bar Prop


Description & Usage:

The Window Bar Prop is designed to function as a replica of a protective window covering. Its durable but simple design mounts to multiple structures based on training needs while it’s purpose allows the development of good saw handling techniques. Mounting, rebar gauge choice, and environment of the Window Bar Prop all factor into the main goal: stressing good saw position to allow students to gain confidence in their ability to get window coverings off of any escape route.

Resetting for Multi-Use Training:

Unscrew tension levers, slide remaining length of rebar into cutting position, and retighten.  


  • Replicates a window bar with ability to attack from multiple angles and methods

  • Utilizes 1/2” - 5/8” rebar

  • Quick reset for repetitive training and technique

  • Mounts nearly anywhere to meet your training requirements

  • Allows cutting from front or side