Hinge Pulling / Cutting Prop


Description & Usage:

The Hinge Pulling / Cutting Prop is designed to engage training in cutting and pulling hinges off of a commercial door. It’s underlying purpose is to be used as a contingency tool for training specifically when saws fail and alternate strategies must be utilized quickly and effectively.


  • Mountable nearly anywhere utilizing minimal space

  • Quick reset for repetitive training and technique

  • Allows practice for both pulling and/or cutting the hinges on a door without the bulk of the door

  • By adding a tension handle, it can crimp any hinge in place for cutting hinges

  • Uses the same ¾” dowels as our Catalyst Forcible Entry Door

Resetting for Multi-Use Training:

The black protection plates are easily replaceable for quick reset. Just like the Catalyst Forcible Entry Door, ¾” dowels are used to replicate the targeted hinge. Both replaceable materials are found at Lowes and Home Depot but can be ordered through us in bulk.