Catalyst Force Entry Door

Description & Usage:

The Catalyst Forcible Entry Door (CFED) is our standard multivariate door to practice multiple methods of forcible entry. It opens inwards and outwards to allow all forms of Mechanical and Hydraulic Forcible Entry. The CFED-TB (found in the Police Section) is the Law Enforcement upgrade that can handle the repetitive use of Shotgun and Explosive entry.

Resetting for Multi-Use Training:

Starting as minimally as a standard dowel up to a 2” x 2” wood block system allows for a variety of difficulty levels for forcible entry training depending on the scenario.


  • The CFED is the only door on the market with a four wheel system strategically affixed to cantilever to safely move and stage with just two-people.

  • Quick reset with dowels or block systems for repetitive training and technical practice.

  • The wheel system frame can replicate tight hallways, limit workspace, and range of movement. Slide two boards of sheetrock in place or easily remove wheel frame altogether.

  • The overall frame of the CFED has an adjustable gap system to ensure ideal fit between door and frame

  • Frame design and pre-drilled affixable plates allow for mounting into shipping containers and other manufactured structures.


Customizable - 3 Variations:

Each variation can be combined to create the right door for the right training requirement you seek. Descriptions below for each:

Direct Mount - Container / Structure

The Direct Mount quickly inserts and mounts to any standard precut door frame (30”, 32”, or 36”). Perfect for your training tower, container or building structure where multiple doors and scenarios can be created.

More Info Here

Stand Alone - Wheel System

The Stand Alone is exactly as named as it does not require any mounting structure to be functional and effective. It comes with a Wheel System to allow for quick, safe, efficient movement by no more than 2 individuals to wherever is required. The Wheel System also acts as framework for adding temporary walls to enclose the door for close quarters breacher training.

The Wheel System Explained


Stand Alone - Tactical Breaching Door

The Tactical Breaching Door is built specifically for Law Enforcement / SWAT personnel to practice mechanical breaching with rams, halligans and other prying tools. It also comes with a second mechanism that allows shotgun and explosive breaching practice.

More Info Here